Are your storage space for outdoor goods fully compatible?

Are your storage space for outdoor goods fully compatible?

When hazardous chemicals must be used in the workplace, employers must comply strictly with state and national laws. The legislation covers the use, transportation and storage of dangerous goods. Ensuring your business is completely consistent with all legislation and the workplace is kept as safe as is reasonably convenient, can be a complicated and time-consuming process. But thats a necessity, because the sanctions for not installing appropriate safes can be serious.

What is dangerous goods?

Dangerous goods are some products or compounds that endanger people, property or the environment. Classification is not restricted to products that are flammable, toxic, corrosive or chemically reactive. The complete classification criteria are listed in the Australian Code for the Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road and Rail ADG Code.

Accidents with corrosive, toxic or flammable goods are often fatal and can cause extensive damage to the environment and property. It is therefore important that all potentially dangerous goods are stored properly and the availability is limited to authorized and trained personnel.

Matching storage options for outdoor goods

Locating flammable storage space outdoors is an ideal solution for reducing health risks to employees. However, it is important that the correct storage space is used. Flammable goods must be protected from the elements, safely secured to prevent unauthorized access and should be placed as far away from workstations as possible and / or practical.

One of the most practical solutions when dangerous goods must be moved frequently is to purchase removable storage devices. These can safely be moved around a forklift truck location and stored away from workplaces when not needed.

Storage facilities for dangerous goods in bulk

Although large volumes of dangerous goods must be stored in place, it can not be cost-effective to build permanent storage spaces. The most practical solution can be a tailor-made construction for heavy outdoor storage units.

These storage devices can be quickly deployed as required to securely store large amounts of toxic goods. Units can be made according to specific customer requirements and can also be customized to include shelves, compartments, decanters, sweeps, pump stations and wash basins. They perform all functions in a permanent storage facility but at a fraction of the cost.

Purchase of storage units for hazardous and flammable goods

Many manufacturers of safety modules for hazardous substances for health and safety equipment offer a free consultation on the best products to install to make the workplace fully compatible, while providing practical advice on the most suitable products. Look for a company that provides a free website assessment and you can ensure that all your health and safety issues are evaluated, not just your storage space.

Purchase-compliant equipment can leave a serious problem in the monthly budget, but there are often financing options available for larger purchases to spread the cost, such as purchase for rent. Be sure to check all available funding options and avoid cash flow issues and do not delay the installation of basic health and safety equipment.

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